Miiint Solutions was co- founded by industry veterans, who are both experienced individuals with work experience in North America, India and Middle East. Their familiarity with the Western work culture and quality consciousness means that the customers always get the right results.

Miiint Solutions has consciously focused on Offshore Development and has provided customized software solutions in wide areas of applications like Client- Server development, Internet and Intranet applications using proprietary and open source technologies, eCommerce and Mobile Applications. Miiint Solutions has successfully done multiple projects for its clients.

Software Engineering Processes are extremely valuable to Miiint Solutions and we rigorously follow a methodology to develop software in a planned manner. The following of process means that the entire development exercise is predictable and the risks are minimized.

People are the heart of Miiint Solutions’s business and to that we strives to create a stimulating work environment for its members. Challenging projects and high trust culture have ensured that the rate of attrition at Miiint Solutions is one of the lowest in the industry.

Quality has been the focus of Miiint Solutions’s work all along. We have always believed that only quality inputs and quality processes together can yield quality results. Our Quality Maintenance Systems, which we have defined and refined, contribute immensely to our success.

By maintaining the quality of our inputs – people and infrastructure, along with the maturity of our Quality Systems, we ensure that software development with Miiint Solution is a delightful and enriching experience for the customer.

Miiint Solutions is based in Pune, India and it is in the business of developing software applications for its customers. The following sections describe the key points related to Miiint Solutions services.

Global Delivery Model

Miiint Solutions carries out the bulk of its development at its development center at Pune, India. Tasks that require customer interaction, like the system study phase that involves understanding of business needs and domain knowledge of customers’ business, at the beginning of the project, project co-ordination during its execution and acceptance testing and deployment are carried out at customer location. The combination offers benefits of ‘Global Delivery Model’ wherein development is done in a controlled environment.

Technology focus and expertise

In order to serve its customers better, Miiint Solutions has carefully chosen the technology areas of focus. We have focused on only two technology streams, one is Open Source based like Linux, Apache, PHP, MySQL and likes and second is Microsoft .NET. Miiint Solutions is Microsoft BizSpark partner. Our prior projects have given us a unique insight into designing, developing, testing and deploying mission critical and response critical applications.

Team Credentials and experience

Miiint Solutions development team is an optimum combination of skilled development engineers, experts in database solutions, user interface experts, testing hawks, experienced project management and quality gurus.

Process Methodology

Our prior experience in following Process Methodologies help us to achieve deliverables to customer are of top quality and are consistent. The difference is in our approach to implementing quality practices. With innovative tools, most processes are highly automated. This way, the overhead is minimized and the customer gets top quality without having to pay for the time in implementing these practices.

Dedication to Quality

The existence of an organization with dissatisfied customers is in peril! Customers are the sole reason for the existence of Miiint Solutions; therefore, customer satisfaction at all levels is extremely important to us. In today’s market, where boundaries between countries and communication barriers have been effectively nullified by the advent of Information Technology, we believe that only those organizations that offer consistently good products and services will survive.

In the past, we have worked a lot with other software development organizations. We have been the “doctor’s doctor” in the sense that since our customers have been software developers themselves, they expect a high degree of quality and efficiency.

Keeping this in mind, Miiint Solutions has concentrated on all areas of quality, implementing a process-oriented quality system, which lays emphasis on customer satisfaction during all stages of our project life cycle. Our Quality Policy and Objectives are a testimony to this.

Quality Objectives

Consistently meeting or exceeding our customer’s expectations for quality
Timely delivery of project deliverables
Correctness of the software developed
Continuous improvement in development processes and quality systems
Appropriate training of all employees
Continuous up-gradation of necessary infrastructure

Standards and Methodologies
We follow internationally accepted standards and methodologies such as SEI-CMM (Software Engineering Institute’s Capability Maturity Model.

Life Cycle Activities
Prime consideration is given to customer satisfaction and customer participation at all stages of the life cycle.

Requirement Analysis, Estimation and Prototyping: Customer requirements are collected and analyzed by a team of experts, who prepare an accurate estimate of the project size. Project estimates are finalized in consultation with the customer.

Planning: Quality plans are prepared for all projects, irrespective of their size or complexity. We use tools like Microsoft Project for planning and keeping track of a project status. Constant interaction with customers keeps them updated about the progress of the project at all times. Weekly status meetings are held in which all project aspects are discussed. All this is made easy and efficient by our tool, ProjectByNet.

Design: Depending on the methodology adopted, detailed design specifications are prepared by our experienced team. The design is finalized only after approval of the customer.

Construction: Coding is done by our team of experienced and trained developers, all of whom are Microsoft Certified Professionals. Coding standards and guidelines that are part of our quality framework aid the developers in building robust, defect-free code. In addition, frequent reviews help prevent and avoid errors, and defect leakage.

Testing: Test plans are prepared for unit level testing, module level testing, system level testing and integration testing. SQA is an integral part of every project team. Records of defects and changes identified and actions taken are maintained in our Advanced Issue Management System.

Packaging and delivery: A detailed release note accompanies every interim and final release. Our QA team minutely scrutinizes each release before it is sent to customers.