Miiint Solutions is a global Information technology consulting, technology services and product company, committed to deliver innovative ideas. Being a leading global IT service provider, Miiint is committed to make the right decisions for its people, customers and communities.

Our businesses conduct instills a sense of pride in all our people while they experience being at a great place to work. With us you can explore abundant opportunities, develop your expertise, apply your knowledge to the fullest extent, and re-invent yourself by working on diverse challenges. Miiint works on rigorous deadlines to meet client requirements and satisfaction.

We organize various cultural events like Navratri Festival, Ganesh Utsav, Diwali  accompanying by fun and management games to motivate our team mates.
We believe in individual values, ethics and attitude………

“Values are deeply held personal beliefs that form your own priority code for living.”


Team Building
1. Increase the team members
2. Understanding of team dynamics and how the team works together
3. Group accountability rather than individual accountability
4. Collective Work
5. Team building encourages the team approach to working on a project

Training and Development

We encourage all employees to take advantage of our formalized training, mentoring and networking programs, offered in a variety of ways:
1. Provide one to one training
2. Develop his skills
3. On-the-job training
4. Personal coaching and Mentoring
5. Inducion
6. Continuous Process Development

Rewards & Recognition

We encourage and motivate associates by various types of rewards and appreciation.

Employee Engagement

We have a whole range of engagement activities that run throughout the year, be it social events, town halls, community programs or award ceremonies.

Organizational Behaviour
We focus on how to enhance employee performance and improve business results through direct experience in core areas, including compensation, benefits, employee relations, organizational effectiveness and development, talent acquisition, and workforce planning and analytics.

Student Internship
Miiint is encouraging internship program for students from various colleges and universities across the State. Students will work as part of a team and find many avenues for professional growth and development. Opportunity to work on Live and Meaningful projects.