Noise Pollution Monitor

  • Monitor noise level around you by Date, Time & Distance.
  • Noise measurement in City.
  • Geo tag the area of noisy.
  • Share the data anonymously with community.
  • Useful to control the noise by communicating the data.

The sounds we hear become noise when they are unwanted, when sounds interferes with thinking, concentrating, working, talking, listening or sleeping.

With active populations, road traffic, industry, and construction, cities are expectedly noisy places. Still, noise is a leading source of dissatisfaction for city residents.

Urban noise affects more than quality of life issue; the level of noise in many cities can cause serious and long-term harm to health, Noise not only makes hearing, concentrating, and working more difficult,
Noise disturbs sleep. Insufficient or poor quality sleeps results in stress, fatigue, and changes in body’s chemical balances.

Noise interferes with cognitive functions, including attention, concentration, memory, reading ability, and sound discrimination. The long-term consequences of these effects on children ‘s development are particularly significant.
Long term exposure to noise from road, rail, and air traffic results in physiological and psychological stress, which indirectly may contribute to heart disease, and high blood pressure.

Chronic or repeated exposure to sounds at or above 85 decibels can cause hearing loss.

With City Noise App you can monitor noise level around you, it can also keep recording noise level when you are on the road and geo tag it.
You can also share this data anonymously with community so that citizens can see Noise Pollution Map of their city.
This app is useful to control the noise by communicating the noise level with the Pollution department of the city.

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